Universidad de Zaragoza CSIC
Víctor Manuel Orera Clemente
Category Ad-Hon
Department: ICMA - Departamento 2: Procesado láser y materiales para aplicaciones energéticas
Phone / Ext.: +34 876 55 33 45
Email: orera@unizar.es
Group responsible: Materiales procesados por láser: preparación y caracterización (MPL)
Participant group: Procesado y Caracterización de Cerámicas Estructurales y Funcionales (ProCaCef)

Prof. Victor M. Orera, PhD in Physics at the University of Zaragoza (1976).

He is "Ad Honorem" professor of the Spanish National Research Council

(Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC)

and "Extraordinary Collaborator" of the Institute of Materials Science of Aragón

(ICMA, CSIC-­University of Zaragoza) in Zaragoza, Spain.

He was CSIC Vice­President (Nov 2005-­March 2006), CSIC Institutional Delegate for Aragón (2005,
2011-2015), Designed Member of the CSIC Scientific Committee (1996­-2004), Member of the
PESC (Physical and Engineering Steering Committee of the European Science
Foundation, 1997­-2000), Coordinator of the Materials Science Area of CSIC (1994­-96),
Institute Director; I.C.M.A. (1991-1994), Consultant Scientist in the Solid State Division, Oak Ridge
National Laboratory (USA, 1986­-1987), Vice­Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of the
University of Zaragoza (1984­-1986), Vice­President of the GEFES of the Spanish Royal
Science Society, President of the Basic Science Division of the Spanish Ceramic Society (2011-2015).
He is member and assessor of several Research Evaluation Commissions from Spanish
Ministry of Science and Technology and of several agencies in Spain (CNEAI, ANEP,
AGRAUR, ARAID,..), USA (DOE), Argentina, Méjico and Member of the Editorial
Board of 4 international scientific journals.

At present, his main research areas are the Preparation and Characterization of Eutectic Ceramics,

Laser processing of Ceramics and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Recently, his group has pioneering

developments in eutectic ceramics both with structural and functional applications with achievements

in the fields of nanomechanics and metamaterials. In the field of Fuel Cells they

fabricate microtubular and planner FC and SOEC based on YSZ, ScSZ, GDC and other materials.

Prof. Orera has published more than 205 peer­reviewed scientific publications, 5 invited
reviews and 4 full Book Chapters. Over more than 260 communications to specialized
meetings, 34 invited and plenary talks and has 11 patents. Total number of citations in ISI
Web­of­Knowledge: 3.285 and 4.100 in Google Scholar. Hirsh h­Index: 31 (WoS), 35
(GSch.), i10=106. He was responsible for more than 20 large projects and industry contracts.

Has been nominated Fellow of the European Ceramic Society (2017),

Fellow of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Zaragoza (2006),

"Patrono de Honor" of the Hydrogen Fundation (FHA) (2008),

Award of the Spanish Electroceramic Society “Epsilon de Oro” (2005),

Fellow of the American Physical Society (1993), Award of the UZ for PhD work with special
distinction (1976),

Award “Daza de Valdés” to the best Master Work on Optics (CSIC,1973)